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Vol 8 No 11 (2021)
Published October 1, 2021



Shadaba Ahmed
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Peer review policy

Peer Review Policy

 The MBMJ Peer Review Policy applies to all submissions apart from invited articles. The process of Peer Review is linked partly to the website as most articles are now submitted online. The Editor is responsible for selecting an appropriate Peer Reviewer ie; from the same speciality, whether it is Primary Care or Secondary Care.  There is a Peer Review checklist which is on the website. This checklist is sent with the article to the reviewer.  Usually within 2 to 4 weeks a response is obtained and passed onto the Author.  The Peer Reviewer is not disclosed to the Author and mostly the Author is not disclosed to the Peer Reviewer either.  If a Peer Reviewer rejects an article, the Editor usually sends it for a second Peer Review, but mostly articles are published after a single Peer Review.  The Peer Review Policy includes; checking the images for copyright as well as checking of the references. Some members of the Editorial Board also assist with Peer Review.

  If the Peer Reviewer has not responded within the first two weeks a reminder is sent to them; one is automated by the website; the other directly by the Editor. After Peer Review the article is sent for proof reading and if further queries are raised, they are addressed directly with the Author. 

Editorial Policy

 The Editorial Policy of the MBMJ is to avoid any form of managerial articles. The idea is for the Journal to be an academic vehicle rather than for any form of management platform.  In the various sections that have been created, if there is any article that could be deemed conflicting or upsetting, as Editor, I take full responsibility for removing the article or deleting part of the article.  The GDPR consent and copyright policy is strictly adhered to.  The publishing company and publisher have been associated with MBMJ for the last 30 years and they contribute to the final production of the Journal.

Submission Checklist for the MBMJ          

  • Name
  • Title
  • Qualification
  • Contact e-mail of the Author
  • Any images should be accompanied by Copyright consent or otherwise
  • Patient consent for  all images
  • References  in the Vancouver system
  • Instructions to Authors as published in every issue  to be adhered too
  • The word count can be varied depending on the article and the discretion of the Editor