First degree burns after 1-year of post total knee replacement: Case report


First degree burns
Total knee replacement


Introduction: There are reported thermal injuries after prolonged use of laptops in the literature. Now for the first time, we report on a case, in which thermal injuries secondary to laptop over the scar of total knee arthroplasty. We report a case of a 69-year-old lady with a background history of left total knee replacement, who sustained a first degree thermal burn over the scar and lateral aspect of the thigh of the replaced knee after prolonged use of her laptop. To date this is the only case where a laptop burn happened to a patient after having total knee replacement. Conclusion: This case report highlights the management of such cases and can be used to educate other arthroplasty surgeons how to emphasise to patients about this possible risk associated with prolonged use of laptops in their consultation and consent.

Keywords: First degree burns, laptop, total knee replacement.


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